News history:

Updated to 125 publishers, 3108 games of which 1244 with images.

Updated to 122 publishers, 2945 games of which 1234 with images.

Updated to 94 publishers, 2511 games of which 980 with images.

Added publisher page with game list overview. sometimes with publisher information and logo.
Added information page including contact information.
Added two game search options. Local search engine of game list.
Updated to 81 publishers, 2042 games of which 726 with images.

Updated to 70 publishers, 1759 games of which 645 with images.

I started this NoGameNoGlory website in 2004 for all kind of game related information.
Changed this website format again. This time the focus is handheld games.
Started with 42 publishers, 1193 games of which 455 with images.